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puncture after puncture (meg/castiel/dean, nc-17, ~3,000 words)
kinks include pegging, rimming, fingering (from meg to dean), lap!sex (counts) (castiel/meg)
spoiler free!

 “Well? What do you think?”

She is stubborn, clear with her words and her intentions, her smirks and her quiet eyes. They barely look at her, but even more so they won’t look at each other. For all intents and purposes, maybe it should just be considered between two.

She can tell from the looks in their eyes, from the way they both hesitate but Dean worse than Castiel. Her eyes focus on Dean for a moment and she smiles sweetly. “Honey?” she coos, and she knows it gets under his skin because he pales and curls his fingers at his side. Castiel doesn’t reach out. It’s exactly how she expected.

But Castiel expresses an interest. And she kisses Dean, and he kisses her back. She’s the one who gets to push him back against the motel bed, gets to watch him as Castiel settles next to him. It’s Dean staring her down and then finally breaking eye contact when she doesn’t blink. It’s Castiel’s hands roaming Dean’s shoulders and chest and the soft kisses they share. It’s always interesting for her to see the way they move. Interact. The tenseness in their muscles. How Dean cripples under the fingers on his jaw.

It’s a strap-on. Something she picked up with a laugh, the dildo in purple. She’s seen Cas’ cock before, knew exactly what size to get (just slightly bigger, just enough to set Dean on edge). He looks at her and looks at the dildo and swallows. In return, she gives him her sweetest smile. This is how they do it – this is the easiest way.

Meg is first to get naked because she has no qualms with it. The tension lies between Dean and Castiel, who exchange quick looks and then turn their eyes away. She asks, “What’s wrong?” but already knows, unclipping her bra and shrugging it off her shoulders. By now this is what she longs for, the near simplicity. Simple for her. Complicated and rough for the two boys.

She kisses Castiel first and his mouth parts slowly, almost unsurely, but then he’s nearly swallowing her, a hand in her hair, making a fist. She loves this body, loves this name, loves this atmosphere. She can smell and taste them both within feet of her, on the shaky motel bed.

“C’mon, Dean,” she whispers, smooths a hand through his hair and watches his cold eyes. “You miss it.” If Meg is a professional at anything, it’s reading Dean’s face. His expression. But truthfully, he’s simple to figure out. “Get on your knees.”

He pulls a face at first, looks at her and then glances so quickly at Castiel that she almost misses it. It makes sense in the long run, because Dean will always ask for Castiel’s permission, will always need him to say yes first. It’s a pretty thing, their relationship. She likes to be right outside it, barely brushing the surface.


She sees Castiel shakes his head and Dean breathes a sigh of relief. Meg wants to snap and snarl; she wants to get what she wants. Instead she sits still and watches as Dean moves onto his back, lies down carefully on the old sheets. He doesn’t want to be exposed like that, vulnerable, she supposes. “Whatever,” she whispers, and Cas is the one who gets Dean out of his shirt and jeans as she sits naked on the bed, sliding the dildo through her hand, getting a feel of it. In the meantime (because they’re kissing now; just small and soft, almost fluttering kisses, nearly romantic in many respects and it’s sort of disgusting, if Meg’s honest) coats her fingers, likes the feel of it on her skin (hers, hers, hers), likes knowing what comes after it.

“Jeez, you boys take your time.” Meg shifts up closer to the pair, behind Dean, dropping the lube on the sheets. “Give it up.”

Dean listens but doesn’t look at her, hands coming down to his hips and pulling his own jeans off his thighs. “Good boy,” she coos, hoping she sounds just the right twinge of understanding, just enough for both of them. She gets between his thighs, picks up his legs as he lifts his hips. As they shift together she runs a wet, cold finger down under his balls, down to the cleft of his ass. It’s fun to watch the way Dean twitches and jolts, his fingers clenching in the sheets. Castiel hovers, occasionally leans down and kisses him on the nose or the mouth.

Meg pushes the first finger inside and it breaches easily enough, Dean giving into the entrance without complaint. She likes watching him struggle to keep steady, and Castiel’s hands are on the sides of his face, eyes half open and watching Dean as he takes in his breaths, tries not to thrust his hips forward. It’s entertainment. Cheap and easy and hot.

She pushes the second finger into his hole without warning, grabs the lube with her spare hand and drizzles it onto her palm, smiling as Dean’s breath hitches when she starts to fuck him more rhythmically. It’s not enough to get Dean going quite yet but it’s enough that Meg feels stirrings of arousal deep in her abdomen, and when she locks eyes with Castiel, he’s got the same face as she does. Both of them staring at Dean intently.

There’s something there, watching Dean being handled so prettily. They both enjoy it; get off on it. Meg doesn’t know how one couldn’t.

The third finger goes in easier, somehow, and she thinks that’s because Dean’s finally relaxing, Cas kissing along his chin and up his jaw to his ear, murmuring things that Meg can’t quite catch. Dean is rocking back against her hand more easily now and she hadn’t meant to keep this up so long, had hoped to fuck Dean roughly and watch him crumble – if only because that’s just more fun. She coos in his ear, leaning over his body and pushing her finger deeper. She crooks them how she can and Dean’s hips jut forward, a quiet curse rushing from his mouth.

She feels good about that.

Kissing along his chest, he starts to relax again. She watches them both quietly, tries to make out what Cas is murmuring until he leans back, pulls Dean a little closer. It’s a ‘moment’, something she can’t relate to. Meg dips over and kisses Dean’s hip for a final time before pulling her fingers out; Dean gasps and flinches but otherwise gives little reaction, focused on the affection being presented to him.

She wants to sink her teeth into his skin until he cries out obscenities. That would be much more entertaining than this bullshit.

Instead she moves her hands to his inner thighs, tugs them apart just a little more. “I know you can do it, sweetheart,” she croons and he hisses, eyes darting down to glare at her. She smiles and watches as Castiel tips Dean’s head back again and kisses him for a long moment – in her mind, it’s a cue, and she shimmies between Dean’s legs and lifts his hips with a little assistance, pushing a lubed finger inside of him again before sweeping her tongue over his hole. She lets her hands move up his thighs, feels the twitching in his muscles and each shiver as his hips start to jerk off the bed. But Castiel holds him down, keeps him steady when a hand on Dean’s hip, the other smoothing over his face.

She fucks her tongue into him and then suctions her lips, suckles at him hard before finally pulling back.

Dean slumps back on the bed, muscles relaxing and Meg laughs, wiping her mouth with her arm. “Boys are sweet,” she says, barely catching Castiel’s gaze before moving over Dean’s body to kiss him. She pushes her hands into Cas’ hair, her tongue into his mouth – he doesn’t resist, leaning just as much into her. “Good,” she whispers, licking her lips as she pulls back. “Perfect.” Kissing Castiel always leaves her feeling hot and safe.

“Alright, honey, you’re gonna be okay.” She even hears the falseness in her reassurance but she smiles sweetly down at Dean and he takes a deep breath. It makes her feel powerful, watching him catch Castiel’s gaze, watching them kiss quickly a few more times.

At this point Meg slides back on the bed, pushing herself up on her knees and grabbing the strap-on from the end of the bed. “Hold on tight,” she says before sliding to the end of the bed and tucking her legs into both sides of the harness. She slips it over her thighs and wiggles a bit as she adjusts, can feel Dean and Cas both watching her, staring at her back. “Patience, patience,” she coos as she snaps the dildo into position, climbing back onto the bed.

“What d’you think, Dean-o?” she asks, keeping her voice smooth. He swallows and she grabs the lube again, snapping open the bottle and coating her palm and fingers. “Look at you,” she whispers, “so pretty and laid out and open. You, an angel, and me.” She smiles as she works her hand over the toy, gets it wet. “Fuck,” she murmurs to herself, crawling closer and starting to kiss down Dean’s thighs. “Can’t wait to see your face when I’m inside of you.”

She and Cas meet eyes before he leans down and kisses Dean for the first time on the forehead. Dean’s eyes flutter shut, calmed though there are still twitching nerves in his body and Meg takes her cue, riding between Dean’s legs getting a hand between the cheeks of his ass. Dean’s hips stutter but Castiel’s mouth finds his again and he’s quiet, careful moans as meg slides a finger into him easily, crooks and twists it until he’s half-writhing beneath her. It’s almost good enough and she licks her lips again, hand moving down to his thighs and pushing them apart. It’s funny how his knees never meet.

Castiel keeps Dean still enough as she gives a slow thrust of her hips into his body. The toy moves in slowly and Meg loves the pressure of it, how she can almost feel it stretching Dean to a point he has possibly never been stretched before. “Fuck,” she whispers hoarsely, hands resting on the front of Dean’s thighs. “How’s that?”

Dean’s breathing heavily but Castiel is still touching his face, leaning down at intervals and murmuring soft things that Meg still can’t hear into his ear. It’s funny to watch them like this; the ease at which they fit together, even though she knows they haven’t been sleeping with each other for months.

She picks up the pace. Slow and even thrust turn more sporadic and Meg pushes in deeply, almost gets to where her hips are meeting Dean’s ass before she pulls back and watches the dildo drag out slowly. “Keep him still,” she snaps, looking up at Cas as Dean writhes and pants. He’s hard but isn’t touching himself, legs too shaky for Meg to put up with and back arching too long for her to stay steady.

Castiel just glares at her sharply. “Fine,” she grumbles, looking down at Dean. “You want this to work, you’re gonna have to let go of those nasty inhibitions of yours.”

Dean’s eyes are mostly fucked-out and maybe he doesn’t even hear what she says. “Come on, Dean,” she tuts, stroking a hand down his chest. “You’re a good boy, just concentrate.” She slows the thrusts down, paces herself so she’s fucking into Dean harder instead of faster, making his hips jolt and breath catch. “Listen to my voice, pay attention to the way our little angel is touching you.” She pauses and smiles. “I know you love it. Remember? ‘Cause you never got any love from daddy, not a little bit…” She strokes her fingers down his collar and chest, tweaks a nipple and watches his reaction with a smirk. “Love to be under anyone who’ll care about you. Even if they’re just playing pretend.” She lets her lips skim over his stomach, mouths at his hip bone, buried in his body. She moves down further, hips gliding back until she’s almost all the way out, has her tongue on the length of his cock. She slicks the head of Dean’s cock with her tongue before sealing her lips over it, pulling off after swirling her tongue just enough to elicit a hip jerk and a gasp from Dean.

“Good boy, good boy,” she murmurs, wiping her mouth again and letting her hips jack into Dean. He reaches out, grabs Cas’ waist and holds on – it’s a pretty sigh, Dean squirming under her, but annoying – she fucks him harder and quicker, lets her hips work Dean until he’s rocking back hard against her, legs wobbling as they wrap loosely around Meg’s waist. Cas coaxes soft groans out of Dean with single kisses before he fists him, and Meg watches with reverence as Dean’s hips roll upwards and then down again, back against the cock fucking him. It’s mostly mesmerizing, and Meg shakes with anticipation, tries to keep steady as Dean turns his head away.

“Look at me,” she growls, suddenly irritated by his need to stray from her. “You aren’t getting away with pretending. This, my dear, is real.” She fucks him with a hard thrust and Dean half-shouts, a hand finding her shoulder and digging into her skin. Meg grabs his chin and pulls him back, meeting his eyes before forcing her mouth over his. It’s a rough kiss, Dean mostly unresponsive as he tries to turns his head away, but a hand (Castiel’s hand -) in his hair and lips that join Meg’s seem to soothe him slightly.

“Honey, honey,” Meg murmurs against his mouth, leaning closer (the toy shifts in Dean and he gives a full-body shudder, his teeth finding her neck and sinking in slowly. Meg shivers too, fucks against him and kisses Castiel for a long moment. It’s uneven and pushy, Castiel trying to one-up her but it’s too late for that; she’s inside Dean, she’s the one fucking him. But now it’s both of their hands on his cock, thumbs running over the shaft and the tip, Meg fucking him until Dean has lost any ability to speak. “Come on, sweetheart.” She shifts back, sits up and fucks deep into him, pressure on her clit as she works his ass. “Both wanna see you come. See you fall apart. Beautiful, you know. Just gorgeous.”

She knows her words won’t set him over the edge, but Castiel brushes his lips over Dean’s ear and whispers something, and clearly that does the trick because Dean’s hips jolt off the bed and he curses loudly, the word ripped from his throat. When Dean comes he jerks and digs his nails harder into her skin, throws his head back and lets out a choked sound. Castiel is still whispering, mouth over his face, and Dean writhes and grabs at him instead, hands finding Cas’ hair and tugging hard as he jerks his way through orgasm. Meg can feel his aftershocks and sense the tightness around the dildo still inside of him. Pulling out is harder but she drags her way back, catches her own breath as Dean’s hips rise up before he falls back against the bed, legs around her waist loosening until she can slip free.

“Fuck,” she manages and she and Cas lock eyes again. She fumbles with the straps around her thighs and waist but gets the harness off, twisting her way out as she crawls beside Dean and rests her hand on the back of Castiel’s neck. When they kiss she can feel his heat flood of her mouth, rush through her and into the darkness held deep in this body. Meg moves quickly, unbuttoning his slacks and shifting onto Castiel’s lap. He doesn’t resist, a hand finding her hair and pulling slightly as she wraps her hand around his cock and positions it under her. He guides her down, gives a shallow thrust but Meg lets herself rest on his cock easily. They stay like that for a moment, Meg focusing on how Castiel fills her up – she was perfect with the choice for the size of the toy.

The simplicity changes as Meg starts to rocks herself on Castiel’s cock, feels him deep inside her, heat on her walls as they move together, her chest pressed to his, his mouth finding the place where Dean’s teeth left a mark. He leaves an open mouthed kiss on the spot then pushes his mouth on hers and the combined heat of his tongue and his cock is enough to leave her shaking, arms around his shoulders. She hasn’t held on this tightly in so long; what he’s giving her is safety and sanctuary, a clean body pressed to hers, all dirt and sin and brokenness. She remembers what it’s like (humanity) when he’s inside of her, when he’s letting her reach orgasm. She’s fucking herself on him harder than ever, feels the stirring as she gets closer, knows he’s almost there too because his thrusts are erratic and he’s jerking into her harder than before. The angle’s just right – there, Meg thinks and her breathing picks up. She tries to hold on to the feeling, so good and sweet as it washes over her, but it comes too quickly, hitting her hard as she peaks at orgasm.

“Fuck,” she hisses into Castiel’s skin, nails raking over his back. It’s still warm, and he gives a last few shaky thrusts into her before coming; she feels it in the way he holds her by the hip, and she’s still sensitive from her own orgasm, the aftershocks making her twitch and clench around him.

They’ve all caught their breath.

She lifts herself off of Castiel’s cock and rolls over on the bed. Dean is still lying still, looking at Castiel.

She knows she’s the only one that can bring them together. And she knows her purpose. But she gets enough from it (she’s selfish, anyway) that it’s worth the effort.

Plus, she likes these boys.

“Hope you two can settle your differences. Call me if you wanna try that again. I’m sure I could improve on my technique.”

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