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i get really confused when some people talk about bela’s abuse/trauma -

that is not her only factor in her life? obviously

look; the show isn’t even that implicit about it. the crossroads demon who bela makes a deal with purposely seeks her out. she’s 14 years old and living in an abusive household (sexual abuse implied). and we’ve SEEN what crossroads demons do to trick people into making deals - they don’t say the specifics , they just say hey, something bad’s happening? i can make it stop (i’lljustbebackintenyearstotakesomethingimportant)

we don’t even know if that demon WAS a crossroads demon (because spn and mythology are too twisted to really make sense of…azazel and lilith and crowley can all make deals, and crowley isn’t a crossroads demon anymore. we just have this whole “10 years” thing) - so it seems unlikely that bela was seeking someone to kill her parents.

and we know so little about the situation, as viewers - her parents died in a car crash and she inherited their millions (it’s also implicit that she was in a very rich and renowned family and most likely did not have proper resources to deal with her issues). 10 years later she’s working on the black market

really no more illegal than posing as fbi agents and occasionally being involved where the murder of human beings does take place (yada yada yada, i’m not getting into an argument about how sam and dean have flaws and do bad things too)

bela’s pretty well off for someone who was traumatized in her childhood and then MURDERED HER PARENTS (probably without realizing it; the horrible recognition that she was responsible, undoubtable guilt) - she dealt with it the only way she could. she immersed herself in a world where she could use the power of money to make HERSELF poweful

hunters are narcissistic and ruthless; and she is surviving in a world that is dominated by those kinds of people (who are, namely, men; and by supernatural’s show of hunters, they are rowdy and rough men with dark gritty pasts who do awful things too).

what spn fans fail to realize, i think

is that bela is a survivor

she was fucked over by the world and she decided to fight back

and it’s AMAZING

what an amazing character

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